So why see a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic focuses on alignment, balance, mobility, strength and a healthy nervous system.

Did you know that every second, trillions of messages are sent between your brain and your body? Every function of your body is controlled by these messages, including posture, chronic and short-term pain, soft tissue healing, immune function, sleep patterns and digestion, to name a few. When your spine loses its normal movement or alignment, these messages can become disrupted or unclear and when your brain stops talking to your body properly, a range of problems can occur.

What To Expect

It’s only natural that more and more health-conscious people are making chiropractic part of their lifestyle. Chiropractic focuses on your body’s natural ability to function properly and heal itself.

By improving the function of your spine, chiropractic adjustment helps remove interference to the communication between your brain and your body, assisting the healing process and helping you reach your full potential.

How I Work

Your care is unique to you. And I recognise that you’re the boss when it comes to how you decide to use chiropractic care.
I aim to give you the best possible information and service, and help you make your own informed decisions about chiropractic and your health.

Stages of Care

Initially, during ‘Intensive care’ my goal is to get you more comfortable, to stabilise your initial complaint and health concerns.

Visits become less frequent as we move towards ‘Corrective Care’, where I aim to correct any underlying problems, improving spinal function, and promoting healing of involved tissues.

The majority of clients choose ‘Maintenance Care’, maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system, catching small problems before they turn into big ones, and helping them stay at their best.

My Techniques

I use a variety of techniques to help you be at your best. I focus on using gentle, comfortable, ‘lower force’ techniques as my first approach to care. Where possible, I aim to use speed in the place of heavy force.

I utilise a diverse range of chiropractic techniques tailored to suit my patient’s specific needs. These range from diversified chiropractic manipulation to lower force techniques, drop-piece and soft tissue therapies. I believe in reinforcing the importance of good posture, stretching and strengthening exercises.

What Else Do I Do

  • I provide general wellbeing advice specific to you, to help you avoid recreating any problems and to be as healthy as possible. I focus on what’s important for you, whether it’s posture, ergonomics or otherwise.
  • I give stretches and exercises when appropriate to help you look after things yourself.
  • I work with other practitioners so I can let you know who you can see if I think someone else can help you.